arnica ointment 4% homeopathic mother tincture Boiron FPC
Arnica ointment with parental tincture 4% is a herbal medicine from Laboratorios Boiron traditionally used in the symptomatic treatment of bruises (bumps, bruises, injuries).

Indication of arnica ointment 4% Boiron mother tincture
Rich in extracts of arnica flowers, this perfume is especially suitable for the rapid absorption of minor injuries such as bruises, bumps and bruises.

The dosage and application tips of arnica tincture of ointment
externally. Apply to clean skin. Apply Arnica BoironTM 4% Ointment immediately after a fall or stroke, 2 to 3 times a day. Clean the area to be treated before application. Wash your hands after application.

This medicine contains only substances suspected of being safe during pregnancy or lactation. However, do not use for long periods without consulting your doctor or pharmacist, árnica pomada en España.

Do not apply to mucous membranes, eyes, over a wound, injury, oozing infected injury.

Composition of arnica ointment with 4% Boiron
Arnica TM mother tincture 4 g
qs 100 g of Vaseline

Arnica ointment 4% capacity Boiron mother tincture
20 g tube

If symptoms persist consult your doctor. POMMADE Arnica is a homeopathic medicine.

Our expert advice in homeopathic pharmacy
For bumps, falls, strokes, accidents of all kinds, bleeding, it is recommended to take homeopathic granules of Arnica montana 9 CH: 1 dose as soon as possible, then take 5 granules of Arnica montana 9 CH every hour. The plugs are spaced with the upgrades.

In these indications (stroke, shock, injury, small hemorrhages …), taking early Arnica montana is very effective in reducing bruising and pain.

In case of a bruise (or «blue») due to a shock or blow

Particularly very effective in cases of «black eye», or if bruised toes or fingers, take Ledum palustre 5 CH 5 granules every hour and then space with improvements for 4 days.
Here it is interesting to associate arnica 7 CH: 5 granules that should be taken at the same time and in the same way as Ledum palustre.

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